The Tall Woman, Excerpt

Excerpt from The Tall Woman
by Wilma Dykeman

He asked…the questions that had stirred deep in the minds of many of
these men and women as they sat beside their hearths of a winter night
and heard the wind sweep down from the mountains and felt their lonely
cabins shake in the icy blast; or as the fog of autumn closed in over the
valley and isolated each person, each place, in a damp, impenetrable,
absolutely silent mystery. They were questions of spirit as well as mind, of
old, dark fears clutching toward new bright hopes, the questions that are
forever answered and never answered. Why am I here? What is the
meaning and fulfillment of the years between an unchosen birth and an
unsought death? Where and what is the ending? At the close of this
life? Or another? Or is there, after all, eternity and immortality?

     The Tall Woman
     Holt McDougal Press, 1962

The Tall Woman, Excerpt